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1 day

February 21, 2006 1 Comment

My counting might be a bit premature. Maybe. But I am leaving for Gothenburg tomorrow, so this is my last day at work. Started packing yesterday. Not good. Bag is to small.


2 days…

February 20, 2006 No Comments

Götheborg made it to Cape Town, and on time! Programme More info on Götheborg. Swedish in DN


5 days to go…

February 17, 2006 No Comments

All these small things that needs to be dealt with. Apartment, keys, who will – pay the bills, water the flowers, feed the birds, do my tax return, remove snow, check my mailbox… At least I bought a pair of sunglasses. And sunscreen lotion. Important stuff


10 dagar kvar

February 12, 2006 No Comments

lÃ¥ngkallingar och solskydd… det är bäst att gardera.


28 dagar kvar…

January 25, 2006 No Comments

Ska jag börja planera packning nu?


Götheborg har åkt

October 7, 2005 No Comments

iväg till Kina. Jag har fått en bild av en vänlig själ, så jag lägger ut den också. Finally on her way to Kina!

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