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Welcome to the Roaring Forties

April 7, 2006 No Comments

Sorry, no english. Vi är nu pÃ¥ 40 grader 53,791 S 49 grader 46,554 E IgÃ¥r blÃ¥ste det 15-20 m/s men det var ändÃ¥ ganska lugnt pÃ¥ vÃ¥ghöjdfronten, eller ocksÃ¥ har jag vant mig. Vi har nog lärt oss att surra fast alla prylar lite bättre nu ochsÃ¥, för det hör allt färre boom/crash. Idag […]


Still on 38 latitude

April 4, 2006 No Comments

But we were almost down on 40 but with 8 nautical miles left the wind changed and we sailed back up north The wind has totally stopped, so after setting a new record with 185 miles in 24 hours day before yesterday we are now doing almost nothing 1 mile in 4 hours give or […]


Its got to be perfect

March 31, 2006 No Comments

6.30 it starts to get lighter Speed is 7 knop Wind is from the north We just passed the 37e latitude its 20 degres warm a cup of coffe in my hand and the sky explodes in orange



March 28, 2006 No Comments

After a few days of sailing we continue south for a little while longer I guess until it gets cold The ship is moving a lot and it is hard to walk and do other normal things You cant leave anything anywhere it will just fall over and climbing in the rigg is a challange […]


Picture from Cape Town and PE

March 23, 2006 1 Comment

Sorry about the size of the pictures, the internet connection really %&#@$? There are zeebras behind me in the second picture… Tomorrow friday, is our last day in PE, on Saturday we leave for Freemantle. Finally! As the attentive reader might have noticed, I have had some problems with posting to the blog by mail. […]



March 16, 2006 1 Comment

Have been to a small park today, got to see lots of animals, but it was a bit like Kolmården. Not a real safari, but only 20 minutes from the harbour. And we got a great dinner, (that a monkey almost stole). But he was cute


Jeffreys Bay

March 15, 2006 1 Comment

God Morgon! Yesterday we came back from Jeffreys Bay, where we spent the nigt at a backpackers place. It was so nice to wake up to the sound of waves, and at the pancake breakfast, we saw dolphins swimming by. Pretty cool. So the day was spent at the beach, and in the Billabong factory […]

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Tjocka Ã…ke

Hälsade på Åke, och fick massor med god mat.

Halloween och mord

Galet scary partaj med alla bra ingredienser, mord, blod och gift…


Åkte en liten omväg förbi Kolmården. En heldag med kul sällskap. Spanade in fåglar, björnar och alla andra djuren,...


Igår landade planet i Göteborg efter en 25 timmar lång resa. (Ok, inte just med det planet, det var...

1:a lediga dagen på 7 veckor

Jag var iland igår, fast bara på en liten ö som heter Garden Island. Vi seglade dit med skeppsbåtarna,...


Vi ser land! Det började med en fyr som står på Rotnest Island. Sedan i mörkret syns även stadens...

Det närmar sig

Det är nu 10 dagar kvar tills vi kommer fram till Freemantle i Australien. Vi ligger fortfarande några dagar...